Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sarah's Chapel Hill Weekend and Valentine's Day 2010

This past weekend I went to Chapel Hill for Courtney's birthday and a girls reunion! Here are some pictures from the trip! We had such a great time! :)

I booked a flight back to I could hurry home to my valentine! He was so sweet! He came to pick me up and brought me BEAUTIFUL roses and a REALLY cute cake!

Then he had planned out a meal for the two of us to make together and had gone to the grocery store to get the ingredients! We had SO much fun cooking together! We made Chicken Parmigiana with HOMEADE noodles and caesar salad and yummy wine!

And here I am at our candlelit table ready to eat! HAPPY VALENTINE's 2010!

OH! And he was so sweet and got me the cutest card that made me tear up, sweet "I love you" stones and tickets to GREASE the play! :) We're going tomorrow night!


Well as you've ALL heard I'm sure, DC got a LOT of snow last week! We were out of work for 4.5 days due to over 2 feet of snow and then another foot that arrived about 3 days after the first snow! It was absolutely crazy! I've never seen that much snow! We had a great time, got some SERIOUS cabin fever, and enjoyed getting to spend so much time together! Here are some pictures from the snow! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowmageddon Absence!

Sorry for the long time with no posts! I have a quite a few pictures from our adventures during snowmageddon and snowverkill, my chapel hill weekend and Valentine's Day! I'll be sure to do a few posts for those really soon!!