Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Club Tonight, a broken camera and finally looking forward to a weekend at home!

So I'll start with a positive. I have Book Club tonight! YAY! I look forward to this each time we have it. We have a fabulous group of girls and we always have a BLAST at each book club meeting. It's truly a highlight of my month, each and every month. Ok, now the negative. Yesterday in my haste to get to work, since I was already late, I threw my soda into my purse thinking it was fine and sealed and all....WRONG! It exploded in my purse and the biggest victim was our camera. :( It has since turned on, but looks like night vision when you try to take pictures and only takes pictures that are a bunch of lines. SAD DAY! So, if it doesn't get better with time, the blog might be without pictures for a little while. We haven't decided about our route for getting a new one yet. I didn't absolutely love the one we had. I've seen other friends' cameras take MUCH better pictures, so maybe its our chance to get a better camera. After all, we are starting out on making a lifetime of memories together and I want to make sure they are captured! If you have any camera recommendations, let me know! Finally, we are actually staying at home this weekend!!!! I am thrilled! I'm taking Friday off and plan to sleep in and get a head start on getting ready for Thanksgiving. I'm just so glad to be spending a weekend home with my husband! We have a lot of house projects to work on, but being in our house together is going to be wonderful!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tennessee Weekend!!

We had an absolute BLAST this weekend! We flew into Nashville at about 10 or so on Friday night. Donna picked us up at the airport and we went back to Tullahoma and went straight to bed! Saturday, we went to Shelbyville to have lunch with Grandmother and Aunt Alice. It was so good to see them and share our wedding pictures with them! There's a picture from our lunch trip. Then we went back to get all dressed up and went to Catie's piano recital. She was fantastic! We headed on over to George Dickel to take family pictures for Heath and Ashley's wedding reception. We went to Mark and Alice's house inbetween and I got to watch the UNC-Miami game, which was GREAT because we won! We went back out to George Dickel at 7 for the party. It was SO much fun! We had great food and the band was wonderful! There was a photo booth that we had a LOT of fun with as well. Hopefully those pictures will show up soon! On Sunday we got all packed up and went up to Nashville for the Titans-Bills game! It was so much fun! The Titans played great and it was a lot of fun to see how big of a jerk T.O. is in real life! All in all, fantastic weekend and the final of our 3 weekends in a row out of town. We are really looking forward to a lowkey weekend at home next weekend!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day-CMA's

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. Because Justin works for the government, he had the day off! He took Rastus to get his second and final flu shot. (Two more than we got for ourselves, haha!) And worked on some projects at home. I got to leave work at 3 (YAY!) and went home to help him and enjoy a cold, rainy afternoon at home together. Unfortunately, he had school too. So, he went off to class and I watched the CMA's. I was SO pleased with them! Great performances and very funny! I loved all the references to the Taylor Swift/Kanye incident and I was THRILLED about all of Taylor Swift's awards! YAY! It's still VERY cold and VERY rainy here so we are looking forward to heading south to Tullahoma this weekend! We are excited about Heath and Ashley's Wedding Reception at George Dickel and going to the Titans game with Donald and Donna on Sunday! I'll let you know how all goes and post pictures when we return! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cute New Blog Stuff!

Ok. I think I will be a LOT better about using this now that I know how to decorate it! It was driving me a little crazy how plain it was when I saw everyone else's look so cute! I've started reading other blogs and I'm really enjoying this blogging world! I've been reading McMama's blog about her and her four kids. She is really an amazing woman. You should check out her blog! It's on my list! Justin doesn't have school tonight so we are making homeade pizza and hopefully cleaning and organizing our house some more! I promise pictures when it is actually done and presentable. This is going to have to be before Thanksgiving because I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving!! I'm really excited! If you have any tips, please let me know! I think I've got everything planned out pretty well, so it should go fine. We don't have a lot of space, but that will make it more fun, I think! My bosses are gone for a conference this week, so work is going to be fairly slow. Other than that, just another great week with my fantastic husband!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapel Hill Homecoming Weekend!

So our second weekend in a row being out of town was spent in the Southern part of Heaven: Chapel Hill! We left DC around 2 on Friday and headed down to Raleigh for the night to visit our friend's Ryan and Martha. We went out to dinner with them to The Busy Bee in downtown Raleigh. It was DELICIOUS! I had a burger WITH a fried green tomato on top and Justin had Shrimp and Grits. Needless to say, we got our southern fix! Saturday morning we woke up early and Ryan and Martha fixed us a yummy breakfast. Then we were on our way to see the Heels play! We got to Chapel Hill and dropped Rastus off at Noah's Ark Kennel there and headed to get our parking spot. We went walking along Franklin Street and watched the homecoming parade! We tailgated with all of my friends in Granville and then went on down to Stadium Drive to finally tailgate with James and Bryan! They have a fabulous set up each week! The game was great! It had a bit of a slow start with a bunch of field goals, but the heels picked up the pace and kept the bell!! It was a lot of fun! On Sunday, we went to the Alumnae Brunch at my sorority house. It was so much fun bringing my husband to that! Brunch was delicious and it was great to see everyone! We made it home in time for me to cook one of the yummy meals I learned in cooking class: Seared Salmon with a Cucumber-Dill Sauce, Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa and Hummus and Pita Chips! YUM! All in all, GREAT WEEKEND! Off to Nashville next weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Knoxville Weekend!

We left DC at lunch time on Friday to head down to Rocky Top! We got to Knoxville around 8 and went out with Megan for a fun Friday night. We met up with our friend Mary Alice at her sister's halloween party! Saturday we woke up and went to the store to get all of our supplies for Tailgating! Megan and I made a lovely spread! We tailgated by the ATO house and had a blast! The weather didn't cooperate too much but we had fun! We even got to see Smokey! The game was a lot of fun, minus the rain, and the Vols won!! Go Vols! The night's fun came to a screeching halt when Justin and I realized we lost our keys.

Sunday morning we called AAA bc we thought we might have locked them in the trunk. While the guy was having a REALLY hard time opening our door, I called the UT police just in case to see if someone had turned them in. Sure enough, good samaritans DO still exist and someone had found our keys!! We had a wonderful lunch at Calhoun's on the lake and then headed back to DC. All in all, Good Tennessee Weekend!!