Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day-CMA's

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. Because Justin works for the government, he had the day off! He took Rastus to get his second and final flu shot. (Two more than we got for ourselves, haha!) And worked on some projects at home. I got to leave work at 3 (YAY!) and went home to help him and enjoy a cold, rainy afternoon at home together. Unfortunately, he had school too. So, he went off to class and I watched the CMA's. I was SO pleased with them! Great performances and very funny! I loved all the references to the Taylor Swift/Kanye incident and I was THRILLED about all of Taylor Swift's awards! YAY! It's still VERY cold and VERY rainy here so we are looking forward to heading south to Tullahoma this weekend! We are excited about Heath and Ashley's Wedding Reception at George Dickel and going to the Titans game with Donald and Donna on Sunday! I'll let you know how all goes and post pictures when we return! Happy Thursday!

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