Monday, November 2, 2009

Knoxville Weekend!

We left DC at lunch time on Friday to head down to Rocky Top! We got to Knoxville around 8 and went out with Megan for a fun Friday night. We met up with our friend Mary Alice at her sister's halloween party! Saturday we woke up and went to the store to get all of our supplies for Tailgating! Megan and I made a lovely spread! We tailgated by the ATO house and had a blast! The weather didn't cooperate too much but we had fun! We even got to see Smokey! The game was a lot of fun, minus the rain, and the Vols won!! Go Vols! The night's fun came to a screeching halt when Justin and I realized we lost our keys.

Sunday morning we called AAA bc we thought we might have locked them in the trunk. While the guy was having a REALLY hard time opening our door, I called the UT police just in case to see if someone had turned them in. Sure enough, good samaritans DO still exist and someone had found our keys!! We had a wonderful lunch at Calhoun's on the lake and then headed back to DC. All in all, Good Tennessee Weekend!!

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  1. It was so fun seeing you this weekend! I am glad that the keys were found. Have fun this next weekend!