Friday, June 19, 2009

The first of the catch up posts! NC Wedding Shower Weekend!

So I'm going to do a few posts and catch us up! The Weekend of June 5-7 we went back to North Carolina for two wedding showers and some wedding planning. We finalized the reception menu and I got my hair done and had bridal portraits! Our first wedding shower was Saturday night at Lisa, Carly and Christine's house. It was fantastic! It was a tailgate themed shower and the girls did an AMAZING job planning it. I'm one lucky gal to have bridesmaids like them! We played games, had BBQ (NORTH CAROLINA BBQ), got some wonderful gifts and just had a really great time!
Our Second Shower was a kitchen shower on Sunday afternoon thrown by my mom and Mrs. Surbeck. It was fabulous as well! We did have to squeeze in church and lunch at Jackson's beforehand though! We were so lucky that Justin's Dad, Stepmom, and two sisters could come in for the weekend!
Pictures to come of the weekend!! :) It was fabulous!

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