Thursday, January 6, 2011

Singapore! Day 1

Our first morning in Singapore we woke up rather early and went downstairs for the Hotel Breakfast! It was very good, mostly traditional American breakfast but lots of other interesting treats as well. We set off into the city to go to the National Museum of Singapore. We found out that it wasn’t open yet so we decided to walk down Orchard Road, the high end shopping area in Singapore. Well, it wasn’t open yet either, so we just walked around and enjoyed the sights until it was time to go back to the National Museum. The museum was great! We learned a lot about Singapore history and how they came to be the country they are today. After the museum, we decided to go to Little India. Singapore is really neat in that they have little communities all over the city that uniquely represent a group of people. Little India was very interesting. We ate at Banana Leaf Apollo and had some WONDERFUL Indian food! I was able to find what I order at Rasika (our Indian restaurant at home). We ate off of real banana leafs and really enjoyed ourselves! You are supposed to eat with your hands, but both of us used silverware. We then walked around little India and enjoyed all the neat little shops and sights. It was certainly a different place. I even got some sunglasses for about a dollar!
After Little India we went to find the Church of Christ of Malaya. We saw it on our tourist map and thought it was so neat that it was near our hotel! We took a few pictures and went on our way. We tried to find the Mint Museum of Toys, but were VERY unsuccessful. We then went back to our hotel to rest our legs a bit. Well, that turned into a two hour nap! We had no idea how much the trip and time change had affected us! We washed up and went over to Clarke Quay (pronounced key) for dinner and drinks. Clarke Quay is a unique little waterfront community full of amazing restaurants and bars. On our way to dinner we passed the giant swing that you can ride in. Even the President took a ride on it for New Years! We ate at a lovely Mexican restaurant right on the water. You knew we couldn’t go the whole time without Mexican! Then we went to a bar called The Forbidden City for some drinks and live music. It was so much fun! The band was very entertaining. At one point, they pointed me out in the crowd and called me up on stage to sing with them! I sang Mariah Carey’s “I can’t live”. It was too much fun, and don’t worry, we have video.

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