Saturday, January 1, 2011

Traveling to the other side of the WORLD!

Well this was quite a journey over to Singapore! We arrived at Dulles Airport at about 5:15 to make sure we were able to get through security in time to see the Music City Bowl!

We had no trouble checking in and getting through and were able to find a sports bar in no time!

Unfortunately, we had to board our flight at the begining of the 4th quarter. We kept up on our phones until about 2 minutes left and Tennessee had the lead 20-17, but North Carolina was driving. Our flight from DC to Paris was about 7.5 hours, so we had no idea what the outcome of the game was until we landed in Paris! We both had quite a few text messages that popped up and we quickly realized it was probably best we didn't see that ending before getting on a LONG flight!

We arrived in Paris at about 12 pm Paris Time. After a quick run-in with a crazy man from Boston who was trying to get us to help him play a trick on his wife, we finally made it on the RER train to the city! We got off at the Luxembourg Jardin and had lunch at Palidor. It was delicious!

Then we started walking through the city, we went through the Luxembourg Jaridn. It was beautiful, but neither one of us knew too much about it. We continued our walk and really enjoyed all the sights of downtown Paris! It was FREEZING, but we just kept on walking and finally made it to see the Eiffel Tower! Unfortunately, we couldn't see the top of it because the weather was so bad, but it was still worth it!

After the Eiffel Tower we took a cab to Notre Dame. Now, that is a beautiful place! The detail on the building is absolutely amazing! We were able to walk through and even hear a few songs inside.

Then we made our way down one of the little streets near Notre Dame and had the most amazing Nutella Crepe and some Hot Wine. It was the PERFECT ending to a very cold, very wonderful day in the city of Paris! We took the train back to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and waitied on our flight to Singapore! They had these really neat "movie stations" in the airport, so our wait wasn't too bad! We boarded the plane in Paris and took off around 11:30. The pilot came over the loud speaker during flight to let us know it was 2011! We ordered champagne from the flight attendant and had a toast to 2011 (A year that I would say is starting out PRETTY GREAT!).

We arrived in Singapore around 7 pm Singapore time after a 12 hour flight. We both slept fairly well on both of the flights and enjoyed a few movies and tv shows. We took the train to our hotel in Sinagpore and got settled and finally had a SHOWER! It had been WAY too long! We ate at a little local restaurant by our hotel and got to bed early! We will be exploring the sights of Singapore today! Happy New Year Everyone!

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