Friday, January 29, 2010

As promised...

Culinary Victories! This week I made a Sweet Caramel Cake for my book club meeting. I think it was rather tasty and it proved to be a hit at Book Club and at work the next day! I got the recipe from . Her blog is fabulous!

Here is the Sweet Caramel Cake in all its Glory! :)

And, I made homeade Salsa last night!!! It was mighty tasty and super easy to make! I got this recipe from, you probably have already guessed as she is one of my favorites, The Pioneer Woman! You should really check out her blog if you haven't!

Tonight I'm making Beef Stroganoff and might try and bake something new! Justin has some homework for his Saturday class, so that leaves me to the kitchen :) Tomorrow we are going to try and go see the Georgetown/Duke game, but tickets are MIGHTY expensive right now, so we'll see! Tomorrow night we are going to Michelle and Jarret's housewarming party/Michelle's birthday party, it should be a blast! Sunday we've got church and a game watching party for the Tennessee Game! Fun filled weekend for the Waters!

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  1. Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you made the Sweet Caramel Cake and loved it! It is definitely one of those things that I have to make for a gathering in the future (it was too dangerous having it in the house for just the two of us)!