Monday, January 25, 2010

Justin's headed to Frozen Nebraska!

So Justin flies out tonight to go to Omaha, NE for work. Just an fyi, we had a high of 60 here today and he's headed for frozen temperatures. So, I do feel a little bad for him. I never like it when he goes on work trips. As silly as it may seem, I miss him terribly! It will be just me and the dog until Wednesday night, but I think we can manage. Tomorrow night, I'm going to make a Sweet Caramel Cake from scratch for my Wednesday night Book Club meeting. Besides spending any time I can with my husband, Book Club is my most loved event! I just absolutely love getting together with my girlfriends and have a few (too many) glasses of wine and discussing the book we've read while munching on delightful snacks! This month we read The Help. It is FANTASTIC!! It's probably the best book we have read so far and I am so eager to discuss it - I think we all are!

Happy Monday! If I have any culinary victories this week, I'll share those!

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