Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Extravaganza!

So we did the Christmas Extravaganza again this year, except this year we had to leave one night early. We packed up really quickly and left on Friday night when we were planning to leave Saturday. The threat of the Blizzard of 09 was real, so we wanted to hit the road. We only made it to Fredericksburg (about 60 miles away) before we had to pull off and spend the night. The next day was a lot of driving, but we finally made it to Myrtle Beach, SC to see my extended family. We stayed there until Monday and then went to Gastonia, NC to spend some time with my family and my Aunt Dannie and Rick. On Wednesday morning we left to go to Tennessee and see all of Justin's family. Justin's 10 year high school renunion was Wednesday night and we had so much fun at that! We spent Christmas morning at his mom's house and then at his grandmother's house and then Christmas night into the next day at his Dad's house. We had a wonderful trip! We drove in that little car of ours so much that when we got back we decided we needed a new one! We got a 2007 Camry and we love it! :)

The girls at Grandmother's on Christmas Day. Tara, Kimberly, Ashley and Me.

Justin and I on Christmas Morning
Justin's 10 year reunion gang!
Justin and I at formal Christmas Dinner at Uncle Stewart's
My family at Formal Christmas Dinner! :)

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